2021 Cabinet Color Trends

Choosing the color of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a big decision. You might be a fan of classic colors, which is wonderful, or you might want to check out the latest trends of cabinet colors

2019 Kitchen Design Trends

Are you looking for a modern kitchen? LEICHT Westchester | Greenwich carries a wide variety of modern kitchens with Incredible space utilization and breathtaking styles. If you are looking to renovate and rejuvenate your kitchen with a fresh look, then you will want to keep an eye on the top kitchen trends 2019. The latest in top kitchen trends 2019 will help give your kitchen space a brand-new look.

Choosing a kitchen designer

If you already have plans for your kitchen you can approach showrooms or independent kitchen designers and ask them to design and or to apprise the kitchen you want according to your plans. if you don't have plans you can either take measurement yourself or ask a kitchen designer to come to measure. once you have a proposal from a designer and you like the proposed design and pricing, you should retain your designer.

Custom cabinet makers or why is your kitchen similar to a Mercedes?

Many people love to use custom cabinet makers. for many architects, designers and builder's custom-made cabinetry is the most convenient way to go, and for homeowners the word “custom” is synonymous with luxurious or high end. However, in reality using a custom-made cabinetry is often quite risky and usually not such great value.

How to budget your new kitchen?

Congrats! You have decided you are ready to start the project of a new kitchen; you have the vision, you know what you want, how it will look like and how will it function. Now is the time to set the budget for the project. It's time to get real.

How to choose your kitchen cabinet style? What are your main options?

1. Shaker-Style Cabinets: The shaker style cabinets, unlike many other traditional styles, did not lose its charm due to its minimal and distinctive look. Its advantages are that it is very easy to adjust it to your own style, meaning, with a concrete countertop your kitchen will look more

Kitchen Design Process - Your To-Do List

The most important thing to do before you reach out to contractors, designers, appliance stores, etc. you need to ask yourself a few questions and have an organized strategy. This strategy will make sure you don't get lost on the way, something that will end up consuming your time and more importantly, your money!

4 Main Types of General Contractors

This week we will tell you about the 4 main types of general contractors we identified which are suitable for residential remodeling projects:

Design Process of a New Kitchen

This week we have a great info-tip for you about the design process of your kitchen cabinets. Click here to watch the kitchen design process video.

The way to a new kitchen by LEICHT Westchester | Greenwich

This week we will shortly describe the process to a new kitchen with LEICHT Westchester | Greenwich.

Things you should avoid when remodeling your kitchen

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, either to update its designs or to make it more functional, there are a couple of things you should do to avoid getting overwhelmed. First of all, set a budget to cover all kitchen remodeling expenses and stick to it. You can include a 10% expense for miscellaneous, as you don't know what issue may come up in the middle of the remodeling project.

Top Kitchen Design Styles

Your kitchen style makes a statement about your life and who you are. In the past the kitchen was mainly about its functionality but today it became the largest "focal point" of the home not to mention it is a big selling point for potential home buyers. One of the first things you need to decide coming to renovate or build your new kitchen is the design style. We will bring you the main styles to choose from.

How to choose kitchen lighting?

Most people renovating their kitchen focus on the kitchen itself (cabinets, appliances, etc.) which is OK naturally, however you should also take under consideration that lighting is very important to enhance the style and atmosphere you are aiming for. Your kitchen lighting is as important as it is in the bathroom or office.

What are your kitchen cabinet options?

This week we have a short video for you about your kitchen cabinet options.