4 Main Types of General Contractors

This week we will tell you about the 4 main types of general contractors we identified which are suitable for residential remodeling projects:

1. Full service contracting firms: These are firms that often have a showroom or you can purchase products and have a more established operation, including a back office and project managers. This service is very convenient but may cost as much as double the actual contracting cost due to the higher overhead.

2. High end contractors: These are contractors who are reputable and usually the owner is quite good at dealing with homeowners, creating proposals and managing the employees. This might be a good option but often more expensive then the market price of contracting.

3. Hands on contractors: there are many contractors who are working with their own hands with a small crew which could be great at actually getting the job done but may not have a sales and marketing operation, it may be tough to find such a contractor but if you do, this is usually the best value because you will not be paying extra for additional over head or reputation.

4. Subcontractors: This is usually not a great option but if you want to act as your own general contractor you can hire individual subcontractors on your own, like a plumber, electrician, tile man etc. This option is not recommended at all since usually it does not really save time or money.

Now all that is left is for you to choose what works for you.