Top Kitchen Design Styles

Your kitchen style makes a statement about your life and who you are. In the past the kitchen was mainly about its functionality but today it became the largest "focal point" of the home not to mention it is a big selling point for potential home buyers. One of the first things you need to decide coming to renovate or build your new kitchen is the design style. We will bring you the main styles to choose from.

COUNTRY FARMHOUSE The open and inviting concept is what characterizes the country farmhouse style. Natural wood accents, a large table or island, deep farmhouse sink, and rustic touches will give you the get-away feeling right in your own home. The country farmhouse can come in any color from

CONTEMPORARY The contemporary kitchen brings the old in with the new, it will mix materials and will be friendly and functional. Similar to the modern design yet it can be more playful in form and finishes. Large space for hosting a cooking party or sitting around the island for family and friends company while you are cooking. It is inviting, open and suitable for the "New-age" family.

MODERN Clean and sleek style, smooth lines with very little detailing, its all about sophisticated functionality. The colors will mainly be in the white, black, brown, gray family using high-tech materials such as concrete, glass, stone, and metal. The hardware will be sleek and simple. The modern kitchen will look great in a modern home design style and will add luxuries feeling to your home.

TRADITIONAL The all-American kitchen. The traditional kitchen is as its name, all about tradition. It is a perfect family kitchen for homey gathering in holidays or everyday family dinner. It will mix some of the other styles like the farmhouse or a French style. This kitchen is defined by its details. It is comfortable and functional, soft lines that will blend beautifully with most house design styles.

COASTAL You don't need to have an offshore house for the coastal feeling. This design is calm and cool. It will have lots of windows for great natural light shining the whites, soft greens and blues color pallet of this kitchen. The features of a coastal kitchen style will work with most house designs but will work best once your home is designed with similar colors.

These are a few of the main styles to choose from, the style for you can go either way, you can mix and match, a modern kitchen in blue or a coastal kitchen with a hint of red. Make sure it will go well with the rest of your home design style and don't forget it needs to fit your budget, needs and be functional for you and your family.

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