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Experts in Luxury Design with European Kitchen Cabinets

LEICHT brings thousands of dream kitchens to life every year, combining design passion with German engineering across homes nationwide.  With a 20-plus year track record and outstanding customer service, Leicht Westchester | Greenwich is renowned for exceptional quality, custom kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and more. With 52 locations across the United States, and growing, LEICHT ensures our clients top-of-the-line products and services. With almost a century of excellence in the industry, LEICHT is the premier choice for the finest in European kitchen cabinets and German kitchen design.

Meet our dream team

Ohad Berebi

CEO & Founder

As an engineering graduate with a passion for modern design, I embarked on a journey to bring high-end German kitchens and Italian closets to the East Coast. In 2010, my partner Mayan Metzler and I opened our first showroom in Westchester, NY, marking the beginning of our venture.

Since then, we've expanded our presence with state-of-the-art showrooms across the US, including our flagship location in Greenwich, CT. Our showrooms showcase the latest innovations in kitchen design, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

We've had the privilege of designing and installing thousands of kitchens, and we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in kitchen design. Our multi-unit department has also grown, supplying high-end buildings with top-notch kitchen solutions.

Family plays a vital role in my success, with my wonderful wife and two amazing kids by my side. My wife, the appliance expert, ensures that our showrooms offer the most cutting-edge and premium options. Together, we're building a legacy that combines style, functionality, and exceptional customer experience.

Dana Berenboym

Appliance Specialist & Office Manager

Dana has played a major role alongside Ohad in the success of both showrooms since the founding of the company and their pioneering vision to bring Modern European Kitchens to the forefront of American design.

As a high-end German Appliance specialist, Dana is committed to helping clients make informed and confident decisions about their kitchen appliances. With over a decade of expertise, hands on experience, and her knowledge of current trends and technologies, Dana’s insightful and practical advice truly sets her apart in her field.

In addition, Dana helps the showrooms operations to be efficient and productive. Her great temperament and people skills in building strong relationships with team members and colleagues, along with her constant friendly smile, fosters a positive and harmonious work environment that inspires all to be their best.

Leah Diamond

Senior Designer

The north star of our team, Leah has been creating stunning European kitchens and beautiful interior designs for over fifteen years, with many raving fans, amazing reviews, and proud awards.

Her expertise spans the entire collaborative process between client, contractor & trades, project manager and installer to all work together to give the client the best designed space and experience possible.

Leah loves to design kitchens as it allows her to connect with her clients over one of the most important rooms in the house, and with passion and dedication, Leah helps her clients create a beautiful space perfectly tailored to them and their lifestyle.

With experience and confidence, Leah understands kitchen design is a journey and she walks her clients through the adventure every step of the way. Always learning and exploring new ideas, Leah instills innovation, inspiration, and personalization into every project.

Goran Savic

Senior Designer

Goran’s experience in the kitchen design industry spans two decades. His experience started with workshop-made custom cabinetry which gave him an invaluable understanding of the cabinet construction process from raw material to finished product. In the early years of his career, Goran worked with global cabinetry brands specializing in inset traditional cabinetry. Over the years Goran's taste and expertise evolved, and he embraced his European roots to work exclusively with the timeless and contemporary styles and finishes of Leicht. Goran is now a master designer of high-end modern kitchens and cabinetry projects.

Goran reveals that his secret to success is being a good listener. He absorbs his client’s vision to deliver a stunning project that reflects his client’s needs and desires, rather than imposing his own style. His exceptional design skills are evident in a varied twenty-year portfolio of beautiful projects.

A family man, Goran enjoys bringing his kids to work and sharing the joys and challenges of kitchen and interior design. He hopes that one day, one of his children will follow in his footsteps.

Jennifer Martabano

Senior Kitchen & Closet Designer

Jennifer's exciting and destined journey in the field of design began with her pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, which she successfully completed her BFA in 2018 at Berkeley College. Her extensive educational background equipped her with excellent skills and knowledge in the interior design world that propelled her to excel in her career. From her previous work experience at an architectural firm, to her accomplished experience at Leicht designing many stunning kitchens and luxurious closets, Jennifer has confidently earned her distinguished position among our team.

With a passion for space planning and a skill for creating the perfect aesthetic for her clients' homes, Jennifer brings a unique blend of creativity. beauty, and practicality to all her modern state of the art kitchen designs. Her expertise lies in crafting functional yet stylish spaces that reflect the individual tastes and needs for the kitchen, the heart of every home.

Lance Marceaux

Senior Designer

Lance’s passionate journey for creating stunning and functional spaces began at the age of nineteen when he embarked on his career in the furniture industry. Over the course of twenty-five career years, Lance honed his skills and expertise as he transitioned his way through various roles in the interior design world working for some of the world's largest furniture companies.

Lance eventually found his successful and favorite niche in kitchen design, and we are delighted he joined our team of accomplished designers.

With a keen eye for detail and his commitment to excellence, Lance has earned his reputation for continually delivering results that exceed his client expectations. Lance's designs are characterized by their thoughtful layout, innovative solutions, and a timeless aesthetic to every project, ensuring that each space is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of his clients. Lance will continue to inspire and elevate the world of kitchen design with his mark.

Cathleen Davidson

Color & Design Consultant

Cathleen is excited to be a member of the Leicht Greenwich / Westchester team on a part time basis to share her extensive expertise in the color and design world. She provides exceptional experiences when showcasing the showroom’s beautiful displays, modern products, and stunning color and finishes with clientele, potential clients, and design professionals.

In addition to her color and design forte, Cathleen brings a fresh and expressive dimension to team branding and company marketing with her passionate content writing, creativity, and collaborative endeavors.

With an Interior Design degree from Parsons School of Design, a SUNY Purchase Art History Degree, and several Hofstra University humanities graduate courses, Cathleen continues her lifelong journey to study and embrace the dynamics of color and design.

Brian Byrne

Senior Project Manager

Leadership, determination, and good judgment are hallmarks of a great project manager. And Brian has all three.

Brian is an invaluable asset to our team’s proven reputation and success. His strong organization, leadership, and problem-solving skills combined with his commitment to high standards and customer service, ensures each project comes out beautifully.

Brian understands his client’s expectations during the installation process, and his confident, no nonsense, and always professional expertise, provides the best solutions for all. There is a reason Brian is well liked, as he is dedicated to tour-de-force customer satisfaction. His respected reputation is celebrated through many client reviews.

A master collaborator, Brian connects all dots between the designer, client, tradesman, and professionals to make certain the project gets executed with complete success. And Brian can always be counted on as a loyal team player to assist in any way.

Oshrat Berrebi

Marketing & Social Media Manager

We were thrilled when Oshrat joined our team in 2018 with her robust background in digital marketing. Her commitment to driving results combined with her communicative and strategic skills were immediately an invaluable asset. Her collaborative spirit and marketing approach have not only elevated the brand but have also positioned her as a trusted and dedicated team member you can always count on.

Oshrat is a creative, talented force who works her marketing magic with digital graphics, engaging content, and strategic planning, as she builds brand awareness, trust, and loyalty with our customers and design colleagues. A modern professional woman with European sophistication and flair, Oshrat brings vibrancy and worldliness to our team.

Helya Metzler

Head of Tech Department

Helya Metzler is a distinguished graduate of the prestigious Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where she earned her bachelor's in Architecture and Urban Design. For the past 15 years, she has expertly directed our technical department. Under her leadership, the department has thrived, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in kitchen design. Helya's dynamic approach and relentless pursuit of perfection have been instrumental in setting industry standards and keeping us at the forefront of the field.

Angela Volkmann

Senior Technical Designer


Inbal Sakas


Philip Brainin

Technical Designer

Mike Apanovskiy

Technical Designer

Fernando Simon

Head Of The Installation Team

Ariel Guinazu


Ronen Nagar


Gonzalo Fernandez


Our Clients Love Us

if your'e considering LEICHT Westchester - do it! Not only is the product awsome and of great quality but the entire team was so attentive and professional in designing and delivering our dream kitchen for our family! They offer many different pricing tires and finishes - there is something for everyone! we could not be happier with our new kitchen and truly owe it all in LEICHT Westchester team!

Trisha Racho

It was a pleasure to work with Leicht Kitchens and Ohad and his team. I hired Leicht to remodel my entire kitchen and i couldn't be happier with my choice. Working with Leah Diamond as the designer was incredible. I had been shopping for a new kitchen for a year. As soon as I saw the Leicht product i knew it was superior to anything else. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of their work, professionalism, timeliness and friendliness.

Janet Oliver

I built a new home and obviosly we needed a new kitchen, So we called Leicht Westchester and Ohad Berei the owner came out he sat with me and my wife showed us all the options and designs. He was very profesional and had lots of patiance. After two days we came to their amazing showroom and saw 3D design. Their work ethic was absolutely amazing.. after they finished I had a small issue with the adjustment of a few doors. I called Ohad and he sent me the crew immediately! They fixed everything and he even called me after 2 mounth to follow up! Thank you Ohad like you said this will change our life and it DID... I will defintely recommend you!

Dave solara

Leicht Legacy

Our prestigious heritage in the German kitchen industry dates back to 1928.  We take great pride in our rich history of innovation and product development. Over the years, LEICHT has consistently led the way in kitchen design, influencing the industry with our trendsetting creations. 

Today, our brand remains at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art kitchen solutions that are driven by a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation.

With nearly a century of excellence behind us, LEICHT unquestionably stands as the premier choice for those searching for the finest in German kitchen cabinet design.

The kitchen is the hardest working area in the home. Integrating all of the elements to provide an efficient use of space requires thorough planning to achieve the brilliant aesthetics felt in Leicht homes. Our team will guide you through each step of the process, from initial consultation to your final kitchen installation. Visit us and meet our highly specialized designers. Each one is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and expertise to our clients.

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