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European cabinets deliver bespoke perfection


Leicht offers endless possibilities for design configurations in your home’s living area, study, library, and wall systems. Find innovative European kitchens and designs made from German quality materials that eloquently connect kitchen, dining, and living in beautiful, functional harmony.

Bossa E -Madero
Classic FS C Topos
2023 Aluros C-12 Topos
Kyoto 2023
Bossa Classic FS-C
Contino 12 | Aluro Topos
Steel Classic FS Topos
2022 Timeless Living
Beautiful Living
European cabinets are sleek and modern

The vertical sides of the ICONIC open shelving system stand at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the wall. A LED light strip is inserted at the back, illuminating the rear wall, and creating an elegant spatial effect.

Iconic Shelving Systems

European cabinets are sleek and modern

Sideboards make a classic style statement.  They are an elegant solution for a wide range of storage requirements in the living room, dining area, bathroom, or entrance hall.  Custom-made for each home, they can be designed open or closed, in a combination of different materials and surfaces.

Side Boards

Leicht designs and manufactures gorgeous display units with interior LED lighting to store and showcase your home's precious items. These beautiful units are a gorgeous addition to the living space and kitchen alike. 

Glass Units

Metal-framed doors with slightly tinted glass and integrated lighting, vero units can be designed in a wide variety of ways. Frame colors include stainless steel, dark bronze, and black steel.

Vero Units

This shelving system consists of vertical frames and continuous shelves, completely open to your design needs. The flush, form-fitting connection of the shelf and frame creates a slender yet sturdy spatial structure. They can be wall-mounted or wall-standing, and are available in any material combination, or surface style.

FIOS Shelving System

Wall cladding is a beautiful way to enhance your home's aesthetic. Leicht cladding materials provide texture and character to a space, blending the kitchen and home in beautiful uniformity.

Wall Cladding

European cabinets are sleek and modern
Elegant Convenience  

Enhance your kitchen cabinets, shelves, and drawers with elegant LED lighting. All lighting systems are connected to smart systems with energy-saving settings.

LED Lighting for Cabinetry

The DOMO niche system is made from an aluminum railing to which various functional elements can be attached. Glance at a recipe on your tablet, or take a knife from the knife block as you prepare your meal. Add optional lighting for added elegance.

Domo Rail

Innovation and organization

Opening a drawer is a joy with the Q-Box. The authentic oak, sturdy removable trays, and black carbon-structured surface come together in highly functional elegance. True inner beauty.


Kitchen drawer organization changes the entire living experience. Leicht offers a wide range of options in drawer system design, inserts, and cutlery trays. 

Organization Systems 

How do your kitchen drawers serve you? Leicht's modern European kitchens offer an incredible range of options for kitchen drawer organization. Our combo units are custom-made for each kitchen and each customer's needs. Open a drawer and see everything at first glance. 

Combo Units


Additional storage is created with an inner cabinet that swings out within the kitchen cupboard. This functional design provides extra space and organization techniques. 

Inner Cabinet Units

Advanced technology is used in crafting this exquisite design, enabling the cabinet doors to sit flush with the rest of the cabinetry. Equipped with a quiet mechanism for effortless opening and closing, the design is available with interior drawers or pullouts.

Base Sliding Doors

Maximize every inch of your kitchen with this simple design, providing easy access to every corner. Our blind corner pullout shelves are a great way of creating extra storage with effortless accessibility. 

Blind Corner Pullout

The large-capacity premium pullout is an incredibly functional feature in the kitchen. Enjoy valuable, easy-access storage and convenience in your kitchen. You'll be able to see various cabinets in our kitchen catalog.

Large Capacity Pullout

Leicht pulldown shelves offer exceptional convenience, extra storage space, and easy access to even the smallest kitchen items.

Pulldown Shelves

A hidden towel rack pullout thoughtfully positioned within your kitchen cabinets. This feature adds to your minimalist kitchen design without compromising on functionality.

Towels Pullout

Bath & Utility

Leicht closets are custom-designed to store all housekeeping items and accessories. Each section is made to fit your home's specific needs.

Housekeeping Units

Custom-designed cabinets to fit and hide away washers and dryers, incorporated with storage space for all utility items in one organized space.

Washer & Dryer Slide Away

Leicht designs beautiful luxury bathroom units. Recreate your home with high-quality cabinetry and experience elegant living.

Bathroom Units

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