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Is It Possible to Have Too Much Glamour? Not in Beverly Hills

Updated: May 12


Beverly Hills: known throughout the world as the popular home of numerous Hollywood stars, the city presents beautiful architecture at every turn. Take this modern residential building with a geometrically clear floor plan and spectacular European kitchen cabinets.


Glamorous European Kitchen in Beverly Hills

In a glamorous Beverly Hills home, luxury German kitchen cabinets take center stage, elevating the culinary space to unparalleled sophistication. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, these cabinets seamlessly blend opulence with functionality. The sleek lines and contemporary design of European kitchens, complement the upscale aesthetics of the Beverly Hills residence, creating a seamless fusion of modern elegance. The use of high-end finishes, precision engineering, and cutting-edge technology in these cabinets not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures efficient usability for the residents of this lavish home.

The contractors have created a cozy and structured atmosphere with black and grey German kitchen cabinets, with a central island block including a cooking and sink area. The individual adjustment of the front height means that no equalizing fascia boards are required above the appliances. Experience architectural brilliance!

To see more beautiful kitchen masterpieces, visit our Leicht kitchen showroom in Westchester or Greenwich. Our expert designers are waiting to meet you!

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