How to budget your new kitchen?

Congrats! You have decided you are ready to start the project of a new kitchen; you have the vision, you know what you want, how it will look like and how will it function. Now is the time to set the budget for the project. It's time to get real.

First of all, set your MAX budget, including appliances (if you are getting new ones), design, products and installation and do not exceed it. The number usually should be between 15 to 20 % of your house total value.

Make sure to invest in the foundations not just the look, meaning, it is tempting to get the beautiful sink and pay less on the plumbing however in the long run, you will regret it and eventually pay more or even double the price.

Divide and conquer: According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association your kitchen planning budget should be divided as follows:

Cabinets, 36 percent
Counter tops, 14 percent
Appliances, 12 percent
Installation, 11 percent
Interior Design, 6 percent
Hardware/Fixtures, 6 percent
Flooring, 6 percent
Lighting, 5 percent
Other, 4 percent

This will (naturally) be different with your own individual project however this is the recommendation for a wide renovation (or a new construction kitchen). The cabinets are the biggest expense so you should consider the number of cabinets, door style, storage, finishes etc. the verity is endless. Find the balance between your vision and what is practical and affordable.

The decoration and accessories are where most people get off budget being the most fun part it is very easy to splurge, here too there are endless possibilities and it is important to shop with a plan and a design and stick to it. The best way makes sure you will be able to enjoy your kitchen with peace of mind is to stay on top of your budget and make sure nothing will surprise you.

At LEICHT Westchester | Greenwich we will be happy to set a FREE consolation with you, go through your kitchen plans and set your budget. All of our showrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art 3D design tech to make sure we leave nothing to imagination.

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