Kitchen Design Process - Your To-Do List

The most important thing to do before you reach out to contractors, designers, appliance stores, etc. you need to ask yourself a few questions and have an organized strategy. This strategy will make sure you don't get lost on the way, something that will end up consuming your time and more importantly, your money!

Why are you remodeling?

If you are selling your house and remodeling the kitchen in order to increase the property value, we advise keeping the remodel simple, focus on fixing the problematic areas (different appliances, countertop, remodel the cabinets, etc.) and not go into a wide kitchen renovation. If you are remodeling or building your dream home for you and your family own use, here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you start:

Who will be using the kitchen?
Are there multiple cooks? who is the main cook?
What are your special needs from the kitchen? (children/ elderly family members/ animals etc.)
What are your “must have”?
What is the atmosphere you wish to have in your kitchen?
what is the house design concept?
Kitchen size and floor concept (open/ closed space)?
Do I want new appliances?
What is my max budget (including appliances)?
When do you wish to start the project? Any time limitations?

It is very important that you will answer these questions honestly and realistically. it will help you focus and build a strong and smart strategy.

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