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L-BOX | Cutlery System

Updated: May 12

M8 Interior Frame – Visible Elegance Meets Concealed Functionality

In its 2022 collection, LEICHT is bringing a new pullout system onto the market of European kitchens: the M8 subframe made of powder-coated steel in elegant carbon grey. Its special feature is the impressive and eponymous wall thickness of just eight millimeters. Thanks to precise finishing, the solidly welded frame can guarantee reliable stability as well as maximum convenience during use despite its filigree nature. It differs from conventional frames in that the guiding rail is not located on the side of the drawer, but has been positioned underneath its base. In this way, the technology of the pullout system is kept completely hidden in favor of a purist design.

With the M8 subframe, LEICHT is interpreting an effective basic of interior design in a new and elegant way. The frame is compelling with its innovative technology and forms a perfect unity of shape and functionality. It complements the existing design lines PRIMO, CONTINO, and EVO and continues the elegant signature of the kitchen manufacturer from Waldstetten with its clear, purist design. The product, which is convincing in both shape and function, can be used in a variety of ways in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms of modern buildings and makes a decisive difference thanks to its attention to detail.

Because LEICHT does not only focus on the obvious – subtle functions and design decisions as exemplified by the purist M8 pullout system contribute to an aesthetically compelling, holistic look in interior design.

Leicht German kitchen cabinets are beautiful assets to any modern home. In addition to beautiful elegance, our European kitchens are fitted with all the best accessories and fittings to make the kitchen space as functional as it is breathtaking.

The European kitchen cabinets are world-renowned for their high quality and innovative architectural design. Leicht cabinets are characterized by their sleek lines, durable materials, and customizable features, reflecting the brand's dedication to both functionality and aesthetics. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Leicht German kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for those seeking a modern and efficient kitchen solution that seamlessly blends style with functionality.

To learn more, visit one of our Leicht kitchen showroom locations in Westchester or Greenwich. Our expert designers are waiting to meet you!

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