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Leicht Cabinetry Materials

Our gorgeous designs are crafted with premium high-grade kitchen cabinet materials. Each unique finishing program is created with state-of-the-art technology.  Learn more about each “family” of Leicht  programs.

IOS & IOS-M: Glossy or Matte Glass

This beautiful Leicht program consists of opaque aluminum-framed tempered glass, with fluid chamfered edges. It is available in high-gloss or matte finish, with more than twelve color options, in addition to RAL and NCS color systems. 

See Kitchen Model


This program is made from a melamine resin-coated particle board, with a 12 mm natural stone cladding on its front and edges. Rocca brings a beautiful, natural variation in color, texture, and veining for an organic, elegant feel in your kitchen.

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This magnificent finishing program is made with scratch and fingerprint-resistant composite acrylic. It features a stunning pearlescent shimmer effect, infusing the space with depth and character.


A unique program inspired by the traditional Japanese materiality of Shou Sugiban. Selva is a charred wood, historically used in Japanese buildings. It achieves an expressive matte wood texture through embossed laminate composite, producing an elegant, organic effect while still maintaining the strong durability for which Leicht materials are so famously known.

See Kitchen Model


The popular Orlando program is a scratch-resistant melamine resin-covered laminate front with a wood pattern and texture. The use of laser technology produces edges with flawless precision and extreme durability.


A melamine resin-coated matte lacquer with a soft, metallic effect. Minera creates a beautiful kitchen finishing effect. 

See Kitchen Model


 This incredible finishing program is created using anodization, an electrochemical process that converts a metal surof high-tech anodized aluminum front and edges. Features a delicate and precise chamfered edge detail and dynamic metallic effect that adds depth and sophistication. 


Our Classic FS program is a premium satin matte lacquer made from 12 coats of paint, completed beautiful uniformly curved edges.  It is a truly ‘classic’ staple in our collection. 


The popular Topos collection showcases natural wood veneers in nine exquisite finishes, featuring oak, ash, walnut, and elm. The application of real wood with slight variation in grain produces an intimate, organic feel, adding depth and fluidity to any space. 


The Bossa program consists of a vertically structured wood front surface. Protruding linear ridges give the veneer a distinct dimension and highly expressive character.⁠ The program is available in two finishes: Walnut and Alpine Oak for cabinetry or wall cladding design.


This program features natural wood veneer with black-dyed grooves in an irregular pattern, adding striking interest and sophistication to our beautiful Leicht kitchens.  Bahia is available in elm, ash, or walnut for cabinetry or unique wall cladding finish. 


The meticulously hand-applied concrete is sealed with matte lacquer. All edges are sprayed with a concrete finish for a seamless effect. Our Leicht concrete finishing program creates the perfect balance between industrial and organic materiality. 


Our Synthia program is a textured wood laminate.  This beautiful material is a scratch-resistant, melamine resin-covered laminate with a wood pattern and texture. The edges are made using laser technology, producing a finished product with flawless precision and extreme durability.


This oak veneered front with varying horizontal plank widths and staggered thicknesses, creates movement and character to the architectural kitchen design period all edges are faced in wood. 

See Kitchen Model


The  Largo FG program material is a brilliant high gloss lacquer, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its surface amplifies light and creates a stunning visual impact on any kitchen space. It is easy to clean and durable making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

See Kitchen Model


This program material is made of a durable melamine resin-covered laminate front with a gorgeous matte finish and laser-finished radiused edges.


Comprises of mineral and natural stone structures in melamine resin coated decors. The Basaltino finish represents robust nature and the minimalist aesthetics of stone. The softly roughened surface is pleasant to the touch, while the lightly shaded and speckled stone structure gives the color a subtle depth. 


Embodies the sensuousness of Japanese craftsmanship and thrives on
a special blend of smooth fronts and structure-providing profiles. Real wood veneer with naturally vivid grain, either in oak or walnut, has a solid wood griprail profile in the same design. 


 Is a type of laminate front made of original Fenix material.  Super-matt and soft-to-the-touch, it’s anti-fingerprint as well as repairable. The smart characteristics of this hard-wearing material have asserted themselves in the modern practical kitchen. 


 A brilliant high gloss lacquered surface program with melamine on the reverse side.  Available in beautiful modern fashionable colors. 


 Embraces the popular modern concrete look with fronts comprised of a melamine resin in a concrete-textured décor available in light medium and dark palettes. Circumferential rounded plastic thick edges match the front color.   


A transitional ash framed program with smooth veneer panel in a striking grain texture.  Both sides are lacquered in satin finished colors.   


 Leicht’s classic and stunning modern double frame Verve program has a high-end lacquer finish that combines modern elegance and classic versatility.


A modern lacquered front on high quality MDF base with an ‘in frame’ appearance.  Front and rear edges are slightly rounded.  Shaker style simplicity at its finest.  


Fronts made of genuine wood veneer with an old wood character and a vertical direction grain pattern.  Both sides have expressive and attractively textured thick veneers.


 Wood veneer program has thermally treated wood veneers on both sides.  The controlled treatment of the raw wood which utilizes heat and steam, creates the unique dark hue of the veneer with beautiful contrast and warm color shades. 


 A special metallic design program with an iridescent shadow-like effect.  The special combination of surface finish and paint colors creates an individual character on the surface on each front.  


A master program of a metallic patinated surface.  The metal is sprayed on, worked by hand, and then lacquered matt. The result: natural structures and a surface pleasant to the touch.   The coloring of the iron encased in the lacquer is produced by a special oxidation process. This process lends each individual front a unique color and visual texture.  


A warm and unique stone look program with a hand-crafted lacquered application.   A resin-bound stone dust is applied painstakingly by hand and sealed with matt lacquer.   The surrounding edges feature an irregular bevel.  The manual manufacturing process produces an individual and unique quality.  


The ceramic surface Kera program is captivating because of its special materiality and its filigree finish.  The front edges are covered with original ceramic strips overleaf and are beveled along the edges.


Our Tocco program is a sleek and contemporary high quality laminate front with a soft matt surface.  The reverse side with matching decor, matt texture. Vertical Edges in post forming style. Horizontal thick edges in front color.  

Kitchen Cabinet Styles 


This handleless cabinet style consists of channels; always one channel directly underneath the countertop.


Handles, no channels


Channels, drawer fronts have a thirty five degree angle, a chamfered edge, always a small drawer directly underneath the countertop.

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