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Client Testimonial

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Natural Wood

Purchase, New York

Designer: Goran Savic

Client Vision

This is a new house built in a modern barn style, painted black and accented with natural ceder wood. Client wanted to match the interior kitchen space to their exterior curb appeal. Large and growing family wanted to have seating at the island and right behind the island an oversized table. Kithcen is a part of a large open space where family garthers and enjoys time together.

Program ID

Minera Kiruna Laminate Cabinetry & Back Panels | Floating Wood Shelves

Neolith Nero Zimbabwe Riverwashed

Madera Wild Oak Abruzzo Wood | White marble-look countertop

Madera Wild Oak Abruzzo Wood

Orlando Walnut Le Midi Laminate | Ceres Carbon Grey Laminate

Bold Neutrals

The deliberate kitchen palette of natural neutral colors is a nod to the Modern Rustic high style. Textured deep grays and black hues combined with an organic natural wood palette, evoke sophistication and warmth. Neolith Nero Zimbabwe Riverwashed countertop and low backsplash with its deep rich color and rough texture adds to the curated mix. Leicht Minera Kiruna panels complete the backsplash with a natural metal vibe.

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Featured Accessories and Materials

Topos in Textured Oak Copper

This Leicht program is a brushed natural wood veneer, offered in various oak, ash, walnut, or elm finishes. The edges are seamlessly wrapped in veneer. Slight natural variation in grain produce a warm and organic, timeless feel. Our collections include a wide range of colors and finishings for your German kitchen cabinets.  

Grounded Aesthetic

Modern clean lines juxtaposed with natural texture and materials, create a warm and inviting kitchen that feels casual and luxurious at the same time. Leicht Minera Kiruna cabinets with natural wood and woven elements define the kitchen in this vast open space. Floating wood shelves highlight the functional items that add character and personality to the space. The distinctive large island includes the prestigious Gaggenau gas & induction combination cooktops for the homeowners’ culinary and entertainment lifestyle.

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