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Client Testimonial

Modern Serenity

Glen Rock, New Jersey

Goran Savic
Designer: Anastasia Mitrovic

Client Vision

Clients went though renovatoin of their entire home to bring more of a modern flair but they were mindful not to go to contemporary. Hence addition of brass pulls/hardware. We used natural quartzite stone to soften the aesthetic.
One of the notable changes is additon of an oversized window in front of the sink to help bring light and connect the kitchen to outdoor space.

Program ID

Synthia Japanese Pine Laminate -Contino | Ceres Mohair Laminate (push open latch Primo)

Taj Mahal Quartzite

Vero Glass
Open Shelves
Brass Accent Handles

Warm Neutrals

The graceful combination of the light wood textured laminate cabinets in Synthia Japanese Pine, with the warm off-white Mohair finish, sleek gold tall cabinet handles, and the luxurious Taj Mahal quartzite countertop and matching backsplash, produces a beautiful ambiance of casual elegance and modern refinement in this newly designed LEICHT kitchen.

It’s all in the Details

The art of combining finishes is a balancing act. Notice how the LEICHT designer adds the Japanese Pine finish to border the Mohair wall cabinet alcoves. This detail not only creates beauty and interest but unifies all elements into one cohesive composition.

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Topos in Textured Oak Copper

This Leicht program is a brushed natural wood veneer, offered in various oak, ash, walnut, or elm finishes. The edges are seamlessly wrapped in veneer. Slight natural variation in grain produce a warm and organic, timeless feel. Our collections include a wide range of colors and finishings for your German kitchen cabinets.  

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