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Client Testimonial

Sky Top

New York City, New York

Designer: Leah Diamond

Client Vision

A complete transformation from a small, closed in, dark galley kitchen, to a large and spacious open kitchen embracing the stunning water views and natural sunlight flooding in through the windows.

Program ID

Synthia Noyer Laminate | Concrete in Dakar | IOS Glossy in Platinum

Quartz Stone

Open Shelving

A pied-à-terre getaway

Our clients used this apartment as their pied-a-terre for weekend retreats in New York City, a cultural and dynamic center with avant-garde art, music, and entertainment. The goal was to create a sophisticated and modern space that reflects the charisma and energy of the city. The homeowners wanted to replace the small, claustrophobic galley kitchen with a larger, lighter one with excellent functionality.

NYC Vibes

In the kitchen, the design goals included adding an open layout with two walls removed and an adjacent space added to solve storage problems, create a beautiful cooking area, and allow entertaining when necessary. Aesthetically, to instill a chic NYC vibe to reflect the client's lifestyle.

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Topos in Textured Oak Copper

This Leicht program is a brushed natural wood veneer, offered in various oak, ash, walnut, or elm finishes. The edges are seamlessly wrapped in veneer. Slight natural variation in grain produce a warm and organic, timeless feel. Our collections include a wide range of colors and finishings for your German kitchen cabinets.  

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