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Client Testimonial

Transitional Meets Modern German Kitchen Cabinets

Scarsdale, New York

Designer: Wafaa Bouchaala

Client Vision

A warm family kitchen, mixing styles and materials to create an autonomous and unique design that is personalized to their lifestyle and aesthetics.

Program ID

Blue Shaker Style Cabinets | Wood-Look Flat Panel island cabinets | Stone Countertop

ACCESSORIES: Distressed Handmade White Subway Tile Backsplash

Family Novelty

This new Scarsdale family kitchen in the heart of Westchester is a composition of Transitional style shaker cabinets fused with Modern slab cabinets. The design is eclectic as it uses polarized elements that weave beautifully together to create a personalized unique style. Different personalities of light and dark, cool and warm hues, vintage and modern, shiny and distressed, all carefully orchestrated into one artful concept.

Versatile Connection

Airy and tranquil Robins-egg blue cabinets are grounded with a dark soapstone style countertop, dark hardware pulls, and an artisan handmade aged subway tile backsplash. The large wood grained island housing the 48” Wolf gas range acts as the grounding axis that warms the space up with lots of visual substance and structure. Vintage encaustic cement floor tiles with subtle blue and gold hues relate to the golden wood and blue cabinets.

This kitchen is a perfect example of the adaptability of modern German cabinetry to blend old character with the new Modern style.

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Featured Accessories and Materials

Topos in Textured Oak Copper

This Leicht program is a brushed natural wood veneer, offered in various oak, ash, walnut, or elm finishes. The edges are seamlessly wrapped in veneer. Slight natural variation in grain produce a warm and organic, timeless feel. Our collections include a wide range of colors and finishings for your German kitchen cabinets.  

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