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Client Testimonial

Modern Coast

New Rochelle, New York

Designer: Goran Savic
Architect: Amin Z Aryan

Client Vision

Client wanted a kitchen that fits their super contemporary home built on the water. Emphasis was put to increase amount of windows to be able to look out at the bay extending beyond their manicured backyard. They also wanted a unique style kitchen.

Program ID

Synthia Weather Oak Laminate | Black Slate Finish

Black Marble-Look Stone

Form & Function

A vast open space needs definition. The kitchen design skillfully creates task zones, and anchors the space with Weather Oak and Black Slate cabinets. The large functional island has thick countertops, adding to the visual integrity of the space. Black & white stone strategically placed vertically and horizontally throughout brings drama and showmanship to this stunning kitchen.

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Featured Accessories and Materials

Topos in Textured Oak Copper

This Leicht program is a brushed natural wood veneer, offered in various oak, ash, walnut, or elm finishes. The edges are seamlessly wrapped in veneer. Slight natural variation in grain produce a warm and organic, timeless feel. Our collections include a wide range of colors and finishings for your German kitchen cabinets.  

Rocky Coast Inspiration

There is a sophisticated edge to this open space that looks out onto a magnificent rocky coastline. The smooth Black palette relates brilliantly to the dark rocks lining the water's edge, and contrast nicely with the rustic wood cabinets. Tall vertical slats add rhythm and interest, and create a visual composition with the sculptural stairway.

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